Saturday, January 11, 2014


It's kind of a funny idea, a snowfence.  Do you use it to corral a blizzard? Do 'snowboys' brand snowflakes in snow pastures surrounded by snowfences?  Actually, it was originally an ingenious form of irrigation that farmers used to put out in their fields to cause drift to form on top of their winter wheat.  The captured snow would melt and leave the ground moist for months.  Now, since we live on top of a hill, I use it to snag the wind driven snow before it can completely plug our driveway.  It was surprisingly pleasant to paint each slat in this fence, and melt the colors together to form a weathered grey.  Don't even ask how long it took... Watercolor, 14x16 in. approx.

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MEM said...

I really like this picture and I can believe it would take a long time to paint. Love the bent post on the far right side which makes it look so realistic.