Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Studies of the jib (or foresail) on the foredeck of my J22 sailboat. The random folds have always looked quite sculptural to me because of the stiffness of the fabric, almost (when they're new!) like thin white sheet metal.  The top two paintings were accepted into the fall 2014 show of the Rochester Art Club, the fourth time in a row that I've shown there.
From a technical point of view, one thing that's interesting about these paintings is that they were done on 140 lb cold press Bockingford stretched while wet onto a conventional 14x18 inch stretcher (the kind often used for oil-on-canvas paintings) so that they constitute a self-mounted piece of work; the paper is quite taut and the image is painted around the edges. They can be hung from wire stretched across the back.

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MEM said...

I really like the second picture. Love the colors.