Tuesday, April 14, 2015


INTERURBAN, NY MUSEUM OF TRANSPORTATION.  This fully restored interurban electric railway car carries passengers weekly at the New York Museum of Transportation in Rush, NY.  It's one of a pair that the museum describes in the inimitable language of railfans: "DE DT AR steel interurban cars (built by Brill, 161 in 1927 and 168 in 1929) ex-Philadelphia & Western RR, ex-Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co. and ex-Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (1927-1990); ex-Keokuk Jct. Rwy. (1990s); brought to NYMT in 1996; both cars are operational and are positioned for service in the new car house."  As for me, I just fell in love with their orange color, rolling through the green fields of western New York on a beautiful summer afternoon.  This is a second in my series of full sheet paintings on stretchers.  Watercolor, 18 x 27 in.


Allathea said...

The Transportation Museum is a favorite with my grandchildren. I've been there lots since Toby was born six years ago. I'll be sure to share your painting with him next time I'm visiting. Or if I can figure out how to do it on-line.

MEM said...

Really like this painting. The bright colors, the depth perception. Is that a pond or lake between the train and the barn? initially I just assumed it was. Also like the rails and piles of gravel.