TWO NEW CLASSES! Summer 2017

Creative Workshop at the Memorial Art Gallery
Adirondack Mist, watercolor, 6x9 inches, 2017

Laurence E. Keefe

Watercolor--let's face it--has a reputation as a difficult and challenging medium.  Here you learn fundamentals that enable even a beginner to approach watercolor with confidence and pleasure...for the experienced artist you will add to your repertoire of skills and broaden your artistic vision.  

Some questions answered:
  • What's the right paper for my painting?
  • What kind of paint do I use?  And how many colors do I need?  (Spoiler: just five)
  • Which brush type works best?
  • How do I make the paint go where I want?  (Obviously very important!)
  • What will create space and depth in my painting?
  • What if I make a mistake?
  • How  to paint a...tree, boat, cloud, wave, bird...fill in the blank.
  • Wet-into-wet, dry brush, dry-into-wet...what are all these techniques?
  • How do I paint white?

We'll do a combination of instruction and demo, skill-based exercises and set projects.  While this course doesn't require prior knowledge of watercolor, you are challenged to make a serious effort...a regular part of each class is a systematic CVS (color, value, shapes) evaluation of student work, so you can show off what you're painting and get objective feedback.
Classes are taught in the Memorial Art Gallery Creative Workshop facilities on University Avenue with reserved parking adjacent.  Catalogue and order form are online at MAG 
Registration is now open:

#55088 Six Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30 pm, July 11- August 15

#55089 Five weekdays, 1:30 pm-4:00 pm, July 17-21

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